This page is for the feriquently asked questions that most of our costumers might have.

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Can I Come To The Store Without an Appointment?

Yes, you can come to the store anytime you would like. If you need an estimate or mini-repairs you also come whenever you would like. Our doors open at 10am and we close at 6pm. If you make an appointment and its after 6pm due to traffic or any other reason we will wait 15mins more just incase you would arrive.

Pre-Owned Watches and Jewelry

All of our watches and jewelry ARE PRE-OWNED due to us not being autherized dealers. After we received a new pre-owned watch or jewelry; we send it out to get serviced, tested, authenticate, oil, repaired, and polished. Some watches or jewelry will not have box, make sure to read the description on each product to see weather is comes with a authentic box or not.

Services and Repairs

We offer a wide variate of services and repairs.


  • Polishing
  • Repair - Fix Any Broken Parts
  • Restoration
  • Service - Oil
  • Water Proof Testing
  • Water Proofing
  • Band Replacement
  • Band Restoration


  • Welding
  • Soldering
  • Resizing
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Cutting
  • Making Special Pieces

How Would Selling My Watch or Jewelry Work Via Mail?

How selling your watches or jewelry online will work by making an appointment with us or contacting us via phone call, email, zoom, or text; we will give you an estimate on the piece. After you would have to sign the waiver and mail us your item that you want to sell. Once we have your product we will give you a call, text, or zoom. Then we will proceed on authenicating the piece. After we will spend you a message saying that we would like to buy the watch or jewelry but the price that we give you might be different from the estimate that we gave you on the phone or text. If you proceed with the transaction then you'll receive your payment. If you wish to not proceed with the transaction then you will have to pay for the shipping but we will pay for the insurance.

How Often Should You Service Your Watches?

You should be servicing your watch once every 4 to 5 years due to them needing new oil and cleaning. These new watches that are coming out need servicing once every 9 to 10 years due to them having new parts that last longer.

Do You Guys Buy Any Watch Brands?

Here at Rafael Luaces Watches And Jewelry we specifically buy Swiss watches such as Rolex, Omega, Patek, etc. We also will buy Japan watches as well such as Seiko and Grand Seiko. We do not buy watches from brands like Micheal Kors or Fossil. We may buy a Casios depending on the model.

Where Do Our Watches and Jewelry Come From?

We work with a handful of chosen trustworthy partners that supply us with a variety of pre-owned watches and jewelry. Additionally, we purchase watches and jewelry from the general public and sell timepieces and jewelry pieces on their behalf. Every watch we sell is authenticated and functionally tested by watchmakers. Every jewelry piece we sell is authenticated and tested as well.

Do We Have Original Watch Bands?

Please contact us on a specific band you have in mind and we will reply with additional information

Can We Repair Any Watch No Matter How Damaged It Is?

It may depend on how damage the watch is. Most watch can be repaired with no problems, but as watches become older, the availability of certain parts become harder to find, which them make the watch harder to repair.

Can We Repair Any Jewelry?

In most cases yes we can repair every type of jewelry as long as it's not hollow, thin, or costume jewelry.

Do We Work With Fake Jewelry or Watches?

Absolutely not, we have a no tolerence policy when it comes down to fake watches and jewelry.